Extensive Logistics Solutions for Your Business

At Green Logistics US, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive logistics support, offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to your needs. Our distribution center, strategically located in Buffalo, upstate New York, positions us to offer flexible late pick-up times for both domestic and worldwide shipments, accommodating an unlimited daily shipping capacity. Covering a substantial area of 100,000 square feet, the Green Logistics US warehouse boasts an impressive 6000 pallet positions within an A-class high storage facility. Our commitment to excellence ensures we continuously adapt to individual customer demands, delivering fundamental services through a team of experienced professionals.

Inventory Reception:

- we handle deliveries of goods in various forms, including pallets, boxes, and loose-load shipments, expertly secured within protective overbox packaging
- our meticulous quality and quantity checks are supported by comprehensive electronic and photographic discrepancy reports
- goods are seamlessly registered within our Warehouse Management System (WMS), offering precise tracking and efficient receipt procedures


- our flexible valuation options cater to diverse goods, offering assessments based on pallet positions, boxes, shelf rack allocation, or a straightforward flat rental space fee
- we pride ourselves in providing a dedicated area for high-value items, a space diligently monitored by cameras, with controlled and secured access

Order Picking and Release:

- experience smooth order processing through direct submission and previewing within our cutting-edge Web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS)
- seamless integration with clients' systems ensures an interconnected logistics process
- orders are fulfilled according to specified serial numbers, EAN codes, pallet numbers, or other predefined product identification parameters
- real-time access to inventory status is available both online and through mobile platforms
- enjoy the assurance of order fulfillment for all submissions received by 2 pm EST

Additional services:

- our extended services encompass a diverse array of offerings, including:
- box Design and Manufacturing: Collaborate with us to design and create bespoke packaging solutions
- goods Labeling: Enhance product identification and branding with our professional labeling services
- bottle Sealing: Elevate your product's presentation and security through expert bottle sealing techniques
- promotional Sets Creation: Craft unique promotional sets that captivate customers and boost sales
- co-packing / Kitting: Simplify packaging requirements with our co-packing and kitting expertise
- returns Handling: Streamline the returns process with our comprehensive and efficient approach

- marketing Inserts and Promotional Campaigns: Elevate your marketing strategy with strategically placed marketing inserts and impactful promotional campaigns

At Green Logistics US, we recognize the dynamic nature of logistics and the ever-evolving demands of your business. Our commitment to excellence, adaptability, and seamless service makes us the ideal partner for your logistics needs. From reception to delivery and the provision of supplementary services, we are your dedicated ally in optimizing your logistics journey

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