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Support for e-commerce
We offer comprehensive support for e-commerce
Green Logistics Polska distribution center is located in Łubna in the southern part of Warsaw agglomeration in Piaseczno commune. The choice of location is primarily the closeness to Okęcie airport - 15 km from the cargo area. At a similar distance there are the main sorting stations of our leading courier operators which allows for convenient scheduling of collection of dispatches and delivery of goods in the mornings. Green Logistics Polska warehouse covers over 5,000 pallet places located in a modern warehouse that meets all the requirements for maintaining liquidity and security of logistics processes. Our services are constantly expanded by individual customer requirements, nevertheless we offer everyone basic services provided by a professional team:
Receipt of goods:
- delivery of goods on a pallet, in cartons but also goods delivered loosely in collective
- quantitative and qualitative verification of delivery along with reporting of differences in
electronic and photo form
- registration of admissions at WMS and confirmation of receipt of the goods for stock in the
form of PZ
- depending on the type of goods, we offer valuations based on a pallet place, a cardboard box, a place on a shelf or a flat fee for renting a specific warehouse area
- for high value goods, we offer a dedicated area supervised by cameras with limited and secured access
Order picking and release:
- submitting and previewing orders directly in our WSM
- easy integration of our WMS system with the client system
- we execute orders on the basis of previously agreed instructions by FIFO, LIFO or FEFO
- orders are completed according to the indicated serial numbers, EAN codes, pallet numbers or other pre-defined product identification elements
- real-time online access to inventory, also mobile
- execution of orders on the day of submission
Additional services:
- design of cardboard packaging and fillers on specific requirements and sensitivity of the goods
- labeling of goods
- sealing of bottles
- creating promotional sets
- repacking from bulk packaging to smaller ones
- recording and management of IMEI code bases for electronic devices
- handling returns


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